What Can You Do With Old Sash Window Weights

What Can You Do With Old Sash Window Weights

Remove The Bottom Sash

Typically these split when Pam takes them out, however she attempts to keep them undamaged if they're otherwise in perfect condition by using pliers to reduce them out when they're loose. The leading sash comes out last. She changes damaged stops with standard 1/2" by 3/4" window trim from the regional lumberyard.

Preparing The Sashes

As soon as you have actually checked this sash takes a trip well on to fitting the staff bead, related sash window ideas with Sash Windows Rayleigh (sashwindows-rayleigh.co.uk).

Fitting New Cords

The length of the new sash cords will require to be figured out for each sash, to do this,

Replacing A Weight

Each weight has a hole for the cord so you can pass it through and make a knot.

Address Pulleys And Ropes

As a basic rule, she states, you ought to grease a pulley when it squeaks. Email contact@sashwindows-rayleigh.co.uk.


If the pulley is taken strong or is really loose on the spindle, the pulley assembly requires to be changed; they are usually held in by a screw into the stiles above and below the pulley itself.

How Do The Sashes Slide Within The Frame?

The only useful guidance is to paint the less noticeable areas initially, then the most visible areas. Mighton also developed the format that lead sash weights are made to today.

Remove Trim Stops And Sash

Eliminate the sash. The trim and interior stops come off first ideally intact. Sash cord is offered from any builder's merchants.